Attacks on Intellectual Freedom

(C) Kathleen Marden

A few uninformed/misinformed individuals, who have not bothered to check the facts in my new book with Denise Stoner, The Alien Abduction Files, or to familiarize themselves with my work, have criticized what they consider to be statements made by me that, within their narrow parameters, are not scientifically acceptable. It is unfortunate that this occurs, but some people shoot from the hip without taking the time to have facts in hand. For example, on May 29, I appeared on the Coast To Coast AM show for three hours. One detractor wrote a statement accusing me of failing to understand that people confabulate and intentionally lie for attention. Nothing could be further from the truth. He also accused me of throwing science out the window. Again, not factually correct. Further, he accused me of failing to have studied the work of others, such as Budd Hopkins, John Mack and David Jacobs. Wrong again! All of these statements are completely false and demonstrate that he hasn't bothered to familiarize himself with my work or statements. He failed to read my bibliography in The Alien Abduction Files, which is readily available on The fact is that I have discussed my work with other prominent researchers and have an educational background and professional experience in psychology and hypnosis. I have posted several of my essays on these subjects on my website and written about them in my other books. I have also read hundreds of books and articles by other prominent researchers. It is difficult to understand why some people are so rigid in their thinking that they insist upon make ridiculous, untrue statements such as these. According to this negative young man, with a condescending attitude and closed mind, my comments pertaining to alternative theories on alien abduction should not be voiced. According to him I have nailed my coffin shut for even considering impossible explanations with our current understanding of science and technology. Academic freedom is frowned upon by such narrow minded people, who insist that scientific investigation can only be done within very narrow parameters, and only according to their dictates. Stanton Friedman's adage, "Don't bother me with the facts? My mind is made up." applies to this situation. Other excellent examples of this myopic thinking can be found in our book Science Was Wrong.

I replied to this young man's charges by offering clarification, as it was apparent that he has little or no knowledge of the scope of my work. In response, he launched an ad hominem attack upon me. I refuse to play that game. If anyone wishes to discuss my work with me, they should contact me personally, not though an attack upon me in a public forum. I will never again participate in this type of public circus, except to remind the writer to contact me personally. Furthermore, I will continue to explore wide ranging explanations for alien abduction phenomena, even if they reside in the scientific fringe. After all, UFOs and alien abduction are themselves fringe sciences.  

My reply to this young man's unfair attack upon my work was unfortunately misinterpreted again, and used in a typical bullying harangue. I replied that he misunderstood and misinterpreted my statements. I am certainly well trained in psychology and the propensity of humans to confabulate, especially when under hypnosis. He was not giving me credit where credit is due. I have discussed many of the more troubling aspects of ET science and technology with theoretical physicists- those that we cannot understand within the tenets of western scientific materialism. Dr. John Mack faced the same dilemma. I'm not referring to magic or mysticism. I'm speaking of repeating patterns witnessed and reported by thousands and documented by Mack, Hopkins, Jacobs,Smith, Hynek, Valee, etc. It was not easy for me to move from nuts and bolts ufology to acknowledging these troubling aspects, but when the evidence became overwhelming, I had to pull my head out of the sand and acknowledge that these phenomena have indeed been reported by thousands of individuals over a 52 year period.

With regard to the "Commonalities Among Abduction Experiencers Study", I spent more than a year on this exhaustive project, communicating with 54 experiencers (4 could not complete the project), and a 25 person control group of sorts. There were statistically significant commonalities on 23 of the 45 multiple choice and fill in questions that were not present on a statistically significant level among the non-experiencers. The second part of the study as not yet been completed, because I haven't been able to find the number of participants needed, even though it has been widely publicized. It requires knowledge of ET technology observed on the craft. Thus far, I've received only positive comments from many highly educated individuals, including several PhDs and MDs.

Perhaps he didn't hear my opening remarks, but I stated that The Alien Abduction Files is a departure from my usual nuts and bolts investigative style. It is not a repeat of Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience, using more recent cases. The Alien Abduction Files explores the hearts and minds of several experiencers and gives the reader an understanding of what it is like to live life as an experiencer. I discuss the psychology, the sociology, the characteristics of hypnosis and it's propensity toward confabulation, alternative hypotheses, etc. This is not a book for the nuts and bolts ufologist looking for hard physical evidence, as the emphasis is upon social science. 

But I suppose that some people will criticize anyone who departs from their own personal belief system. If I feared criticism, I wouldn't have engaged in UFO and abduction research and investigation in the first place. I advise people to feel free to disagree, but please don't rush to criticize my work with only a cursory understanding of it, or because they don't like my topic. 

This man accused me of leaving science behind and entering New Age "woo hoo" land. I think he meant woo woo land. I replied as follows:

With reference to statements I made on Coast to Coast, I was speaking of information I received from 3 theoretical physicists that I had consulted regarding information that several experiencers had passed to me independently. I asked if it was scientifically possible and discussed the answers I received from them. Are you suggesting that these highly respected physicists who've worked at Harvard and MIT are out in woo woo land? 

There has been much discussion recently about other dimensions, parallel universes, and other planes of existence. It is all theoretical and highly speculative. But I've been asked to express an opinion about it, along with religious belief systems, so many times, that I included a discussion of alternative hypotheses, including psychological explanations, in the last chapter of "The Alien Abduction Files. In the past, I've refused to engage in this type of speculation, because I find it uncomfortable. But I have addressed it recently. What some consider mysticism, others consider science. It is in my gray basket. But I will discuss what others have hypothesized, when asked.


I have certainly not thrown western scientific materialism out the window. I have merely stated that some abduction related phenomena cannot be adequately explained within the tenets of our current scientific paradigms. For example, how does one explain telepathic communication, light orbs, and passing through solid surfaces? We'd have to state that it is a figment of one's imagination. Yet, hundreds or thousands of individuals from around the world have described the same phenomena, in conjunction with UFO abductions. 


I disagreed with his final assessment of abduction experiencers, explaining that there is consistency that he couldn't possibly have knowledge of. It is information that researchers, such as myself, hide from others. We use it as a ruler to measure the veracity of one's claim. I would never reveal this information to him or anyone else, except a few prominent abduction researchers.


Just as an aside, approximately four years ago, Budd Hopkins and I discussed my plans for a new book on alien abduction. I was apprehensive about writing it, but he urged me to proceed. I had a great deal of respect for Budd's work and the compassion and kindness that he carried for experiencers. We can learn much more from grounded, well educated, perceptive, and scientifically knowledgeable experiencers that share their information with us quietly and anonymously, than we can from those who admonish us to watch out for the whackos or accuse us of having joined their ranks.  

I'm certain that attacks of this sort will continue, especially from those who feel that by attacking a well-known, respected researcher their life will gain some meaning. It is a shortcut to recognition, as it bypasses the need to have done anything significant in terms of research and writing. I am perplexed by the behavior of a few individuals, when hundreds have expressed positive comments about my work. They apparently think a mean spirited little piece of work, scolding a respected researcher will cause people like me to retreat into oblivion, or will promote them to rise among the ranks of a few mean spirited debunkers and bullies. Those who seek to subdue intellectual freedom are no better than the long list of political despots that have exercised totalitarian control over their people. I, for one, will not be censored. Scientific curiosity is not dead.