I am an independent researcher, writer and lecturer. The opinions expressed by me are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the organizations of which I am affiliated. If you have a question, please ask me directly. No one speaks for me.

     I am a scientifically oriented UFO and ET contact researcher. My primary focus is both academic and investigative. I have recently completed a comprehensive, multi-year study on Experiencers with Dr. Don C. Donderi. My latest book "Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers", with Stanton Friedman, is available for purchase. It is based upon many years of archival research. In addition to this I am busy preparing presentations for upcoming conferences where I will share my latest research findings. My new book for experiencers will be released in September 2019.

     See "Events" on the menu for a list of my upcoming appearances. I have lectured across the US, Brazil, Mexico and the UK. I specialize in ET contact phenomena and the history of government involvement in the investigation of UFOs, their findings, their decision to cover up their findings, and the individuals who took part in the cover-up. 

     With regard to my work with experiencers, I have assisted Denise Stoner at several of her support groups and led experiencer workshops at MUFON's International Symposiums. Some experiencers have been traumatized by their events and will benefit from support services such as a support group or hypnotherapy. 

     I am a consulting hypnotist in central Florida and practice QHHT and traditional regression hypnosis.

     If you are seeking support, please visit and complete the "Experiencer Questionnaire." A member of MUFON's Experiencer Research Team will contact you to offer a non-judgmental phone call or to give you a list of support people in your area. Or if you'd like to find a "buddy" who is also an experiencer, visit FREE has an extensive referral list on its website. 

     If you are seeking advice on how to stop your abductions from occurring, see the list of suggestions that I have compiled below.

(All exercises must be done before you become paralyzed and mind control begins. If paralyzed, send the messages telepathically.) 

1. Denise Stoner’s method: Purchase high intensity LED flashlights and keep them in and around your bed. Also purchase a hand-held strobe light. When you see or sense entities entering your presence, hit them in the eyes with a high intensity beam of light and a strobe light if possible. This method has worked for Denise. 

2. Joseph Jordan/Guy Malone’s method: Call out for protection and for the abduction to stop in the name of a higher power. They say “Jesus”, but this method should work regardless of your religion. If you are an atheist, ask to be protected by the highest intelligence. “I command you to leave in the name of _______, my savior and protector”. If you are a religious person, keep religious symbols in your bedroom. Visit for additional information.

3. Kathleen Marden’s method: This is based upon the theory that negative entities, who feed off human fear and hatred, will not take highly positive humans. Participate in consciousness raising exercises, such as meditation and/or prayer, immediately before you go to bed. Envelop yourself in white, protective light. Look within and search your intuitive self. Has any good come from your experiences? If not, assertively command them to leave you alone. No ill will is intended toward them. But they are not welcome in your home. Do not let them succeed in making you negative and frightened. 

4. Kathleen Marden’s method: If they will not stop taking you, ask for a reprieve. Some people have received up to a 5 year reprieve. Tell them that you need a break. You are frightened and tired. If you wish to, tell them that you want to remain asleep, if they must take you. Ask for healing emotionally and physically. This message can be sent telepathically many times during the day, and also in their presence.   

5. Ann Druffel’s suggestion for mental struggle: Confront them with self confidence. Use sustained will power to move a small part of your body, if you are paralyzed, such as a finger or toe. Overcome your fight or flight response. You must be assertive; not aggressive. This requires silence and internal strength. 

6. Kathleen Marden’s method: Do not let them feed off your fear or negative feelings. Psyche them out by giving them the opposite of what they want. Practice Marden’s body scan and meditation every night when you go to bed. Write to for a free copy of the meditation audio. Train yourself to enter a state of deep relaxation by using 3-4 words (your name, relax (or something else such as deep sleep), your name. Eventually you will be able to become deeply relaxed using only your 3-4 words. Tell yourself that these special words will work only for you. No one else can use these special words to make you relax. Say or think these special words when entities enter your room. It will relax you enough to overcome your fight or flight response and prepare you for your mental struggle. 

7. Ann Druffel’s righteous anger method: You have the human right not to be violated. Scream mentally, “Go away and leave me alone!” or “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” This must be done before paralysis and compliance set in. Be assertive, not aggressive. Be fearless and indignant. Try to capture this on film.

8. Derrel Sims’ method: Use physical violence. Rise up and grab one by the neck. Entities have been injured or killed by doing this and disappear in a blinding flash of blue light. Or keep a weapon by your side to club or shoot the entity. Marden does not recommend this method, as you might be harmed. 

9. Ann Druffel’s method for protecting one’s family: This requires repeated verbal requests to be left alone stated over and over again, even after an abduction has occurred. Your anger cannot be rooted in fear or despair if it is to be effective. Use strong rejecting language such as, “Get out of my house! You are not welcome here! And leave my family alone! We don’t want to see you again!”

10. Ann Druffel’s method for involving family members in resistance: Group resistance might work better than individual resistance. This is common in other cultures around the world where visitation is accepted. This means giving emotional support to family members. It means working as a group to overcome these intrusions.

11. Michael Menkin’s thought screen helmet: “The thought screen helmet scrambles telepathic communication between aliens and humans.” “Aliens cannot immobilize people wearing thought screens nor can they control their minds or communicate with them using their telepathy.” They cannot abduct you. Menkin claims only 1 failure since 1998. Visit his website at for details. 

I recommend that you read the two books listed below. They are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. 

Kathleen Marden